7 Things You Might Not Know About Bankruptcy…

There are a lot of myths about bankruptcy that may stop someone in financial distress from finding out if it is an option for them. Here are 7 positive things that might surprise you.

1. Filing bankruptcy will give you a fresh financial start. Congress passed the bankruptcy laws to help rescue normal everyday working Americans with severe financial problems get a fresh financial start and become productive members of society again. The truth is bankruptcy is there to help you.


2. Filing bankruptcy has helped people succeed. Many famous people such as Larry King, Walt Disney, and even former President Ulysses S. Grant have filed for bankruptcy during their lives.

3. You CAN keep your car and your home when you file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not designed to punish or embarrass a person by having their house and car sold.

4. Bankruptcy WILL REPAIR your credit. Filing for bankruptcy will actually improve your credit score because the world will see you’re taking care of your bills rather than running from them.

5. You CAN file alone. Your spouse doesn’t have to file with you.

6. Filing bankruptcy is a quiet, private process. While it is true that bankruptcy is on the public record, nobody finds out unless they go to the court and specifically searches for your name.

7. Bankruptcy costs less than you think. “Expensive” is a relative terms. Think about the costs of finding a new apartment, paying all the deposits, transferring your utility bills… the phone… cable TV, hiring movers, paying to store furniture that won’t fit in your new apartment, and all the rest.

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